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Odoo ERP Modules
Odoo ERP Custom Web Module

Odoo (OpenERP) CRM Modules

Customer Relationship Management.

Lead Management/ Opportunity Tracking

Mail Gateways

Direct Marketing

Phone Calls



Odoo (OpenERP) Project Management

Operational Management

Financial Management



Odoo ERP Custom Web Module

Odoo (OpenERP) Accounting & Finance Modules


Accounting or finance management is a key to any organization since there are businesses around the world who manages their cash flows, payments and other related items every day, Proper accounting management tool is a necessities for small and midsized businesses of today.

Analytic Accounting

As we discussed in our last overview of Accounting module that how it is important for every organization to keep track of their revenue, and other accounting related entries, Analytical Accounting in OpenERP serves you with and importance to track your revenues and expenses.


Every organizations small or mid sized or large enterprises keep certain budget to manage their businesses or daily activities or simply you keep certain money in mind on how much to spend on every single activities of your business in other words you say budget management.

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module

Payments Management

Payments management comes when your organization needs to pay for the products or services or any other small thing purchased from the suppliers, Therefore payments management module of OpenERP allow you to manage all kind of payments which you need to pay to your parties or suppliers.

Asset Management

Every company small or big to perform their daily activities purchase Assets. Assets are nothing but the supportive products which helps to run your businesses for manufacturing industries it can be big or small machinery car, furniture and so on.

Bank interfaces

Every company or organization holds a bank account to maintain their cash and other investments of the company. Bank interface is an important part of any ERP system, specifically in OpenERP Bank interface module reduces the double entry.

Odoo (OpenERP) Logistics Management

Shipping Management


Quality & Repairs

Products and pricelists

Odoo (OpenERP) Human Resources Management (HRM) Apps


Employees can easily submit and justify expenses. Managers can review all expenses and either approve or reject individual requests as needed. Once approved, expenses are immediately updated in Odoo Accounting.

Skills Management

Skills management module of OpenERP helps manager to find
the best suitable employees for job roles as per their skills which fits in. Again skill management helps to identify gaps between 2 or more employees.


Naturally every employees who work for your organization takes holidays, either for vacations, personal leaves, festival leaves and so on . . It is important to manage the leaves and Holidays of employees to ensure proper leave and holiday management and for productivity reasons.


OpenERP Attendance Management allows you with the details of every employee who logged in to your office. The Staff or employee can also sign in or sign out at the end of the day as this allows you to know how much number of hours an employee is giving you.

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module

Odoo (OpenERP) eCommerce Management Modules

Magento Integration

eBay Integration

Amazon.com Integration

Channel Advisor Integration

Shipping & Payments integration

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module
Odoo ERP Custom Web Module

Odoo (OpenERP) Enterprise Modules

Point of Sales

Retails chains who gets lots of orders and needs to be processed quickly needs a simple, quick, and easy solutions to manage variety of customers every day.


OpenERP purchase management module helps you to track all your suppliers information, order you did for purchases, Inventory management, pricing for suppliers and so on.

Services Management

Service Management is an important task for those organizations who are specially into Services industries or Project Management.


Invoicing management or Invoice management is another important part for any small and medium or big organizations since you purchase good, you sell goods or services to customers across the globe and invoice management or invoice handling can be difficult with the use of proper software or system in place.

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module


Odoo ERP Custom Web Module


Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, and grow revenue

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module


Manage people, the most important assets in your company

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module


A revolutionary double entry inventory system with efficient order scheduling.

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module


Automate procurements, control products and invoicing  

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module


Organize projects around your own process solution

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module


A revolutionary double entry inventory system in warehouse

Odoo ERP Custom Web Module


Track long term contracts, automate invoicing with just few clicks

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