How and Why odoo ERP?

Ask the average Company Owner or Manager to define the word “ERP” and he or she is likely to point to a Inventory Management, Accounting, Payroll or some other immediately available legacy system. But if you look up the definition of the word, you’ll discover most scholars view the term more broadly to mean “manage your resources like people, assets, raw materials, finance, logistics, production, customer relationship and other practical tasks and that to at Enterprise wide i.e. called Enterprise Resource Planning or in short “ERP” technique or system to solve day to day practical problems of modern business.

In addition to the fact that the word “ERP” meaning is actually much broader than most people realize, there are a few other things that should strike us about this. First, in some respects, “ERP” is almost more of a noun than a verb. While it obviously involves some sort of thing (tool, technique or system) it’s the application. Second, note that make a list of what exactly we are trying to achieve while implementing the ERP. Thirdly, be ready for Organization Change Management thing, without which legacy business process cannot be converted to modern business where by your core competency get reduce in the market when trying to sell goods, procure material, manage customer, regain human assets who works rather who runs your business.

Why make this distinction at this juncture? Because there is a long history of software used in company which never materializes the results management is searching for.

The issue here is that simply introducing a new tool, technique or system into company changes nothing unless we first understand the need for it and how to get ROI on its unique capabilities to address your burning issue in production department, inventory department, engineering department, financial department or your human resource department. In the absence of this understanding, implementers tend to rely on techniques they already know.

We at Arista Technologies P. Ltd. uses modern technique to implement. Our steps are concrete and always considering Customer as a Partner in order to achieve the goal and dream of customer there by retaining them for long period. Our steps to implement are as follows.

We offer following services for Odoo erp or OpenERP :
• ERP Consulting Services
• Requirement survey and analysis
• ERP installation, setup, training and implementation
• ERP maintenance and support
• ERP upgrade and expansion.

You can contact us on info@aristatechnologies.com or for India, you can call us on +91 9825935564 and we are more than happy to help you achieve your goals.

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