5 Ways to Achieve ROI in Odoo ERP


Mostly, people go for custom software to execute their business processes and avoid ERP Implementations as it costs more than expected and/or take more time than expected.

Here are a five ways to achieve ROI in Odoo erp implementation:

1. Set the bar high for your ERP implementation. It’s okay to shoot for the stars. Rather than operating out of fear, try aiming for something even higher, such as providing a set of business processes and related ERP functionality that will take your business to the higher level. This mentality can affect every aspect of the project, such as where you focus your time and resources, how to bridge the gap between new technology and your employees that will ultimately make your project more successful.

2. Center of Interest – people and processes. Don’t get lost in the technological aspects of the implementation as at the end of the day, the success of your project won’t have anything to do with these technical features. Instead, it will come down to how well you handle business process re engineering and organizational change management, the two most important success factors for any ERP implementation.

3. Don’t underestimate the cost, time and effort. Setting pragmatic expectations early is the first step toward a ROI-driven and successful ROI ERP implementation. We are here to estimate your projects time, cost and develop a plan and budget that makes sense for your organization.

4. Understand where the finish line really is. Just as marathon runners, successful ERP implementers know where the finish line really is. Generally companies go into their ERP implementations with the expectation that they are going to implement everything that their new ERP systems have to offer. However, due to mis estimated time, budget and resources, most organizations end up quitting the race early and never realizing that expected functionality.

5. Alignment between new technology and your current business processes. Before selecting which technology to implement within your organization, it is important to define how you envision your business processes looking into the future. Beware of simply documenting how things are done today instead focusing on pain points, opportunities for improvement that will best support your organization going forward. We are here for any specific industry vertical to help facilitate this process for you and your team.

While success and full benefits realization is never guaranteed, but we ensure that we are one of the organization that does more than just implementing new ERP software.

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