Managing Web Content Efficiently is a Key

In modern times managing websites has become prime, and when you have website with multi product and services and constant technological updates, its natural we look for efficient CMS,
Arista Technologies has something to offer in this area

Content Management System – CMS

ATPL provides CMS (Content Management System) based web site design and development services,
which helps company or people who is having little knowledge of design and computers,
can manage and for which we have complete solutions for them.


With in-built feature like unlimited times add, edit, delete articles, content, update of Category, Items, Services, Prices, Images,
Multiple photo features, Shopping Cart, POS, Billing, UI enhancement, layout changes, customer management, fast loading, scalability
and many more features then you are viewing and reading at right place. For more CMS website feature.

List of CMS offering…

We offer CMS in Odoo, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, DotNetNuke and many more.

We offer custom solution for the client who has specific needs for their website.

In our CMS offerings its, just not limited to what we have to offer, but if you have specific needs or want us to learn new Content Management System for your website in which you prefer to sell your product or service online, we will learn that thing for you.

We can manage your existing website which are in popular Content Management System or else we can learn and do support and maintenance services for the period you want us to do so.

So Contact us today for your requirement for New Content Management System based website or for the maintenance and support of existing website on

CMS Features

SEO-friendly URLs

Modularity and extensibility

High Performance and scalability

Extensibility and integration

Stability of the system

Easy-to-use for content editors and site administrators

Advanced security management

Advanced workflow and approval process

Online marketing tools

Global change capabilities

Multilingual support

Install and Upgrade wizards

Structural flexibility

Integrated and online help

Easily upgradable and clear upgrade path

Single-source functionality

Ability to reuse content across multiple documents

Bi-directional link management

Integrations with editing tools

Full Unicode support

Multichannel publishing


Digital asset management

Remote users access the system through

User and group functionality

Compliancy with various accessibility frameworks and standards, such as WAI-ARIA

Templating support for changing designs

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